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A friend of mine who had twins about 2 months before I was due shared on social media that she had Allika as her doula.  After asking her about her experience, I contacted Allika kind-of as a last minute effort to just do all that we could to make this birth a success. This was my 3rd pregnancy.  My first was an emergency c-section - due to a dropping heart rate and zero fluids on the non-stress test. I was 11 days late, but had not experienced a single contraction. The second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 22 weeks that I had to be induced for, in order to deliver. While I felt like those two experiences gave me some knowledge of what to expect, my third pregnancy felt almost like a brand new experience since I had never experienced natural labor pains or delivered a full-term baby before!  Allika was responsive, kind, gracious, and knowledgable. She asked for my preferences and came with me to one of my doctor's appointments. She shared her opinions, but always saying, "it's up to you." She helped me to make decisions - she did not make the decision for me. She helped me to feel comfortable. She got involved physical when the contractions came, and helped me know what to do at each stage. My mom and husband were present, and she involved them as much as they wanted to be involved - but they both agreed they were grateful for Allika's calm and steady guiding all of us through the contractions and labor process.  I am so grateful for Allika, and cannot recommend her enough to other moms who are nervous about their labor and delivery. She was the confident and yet peaceful strength I needed to get through it!!! 



In 2019 I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and was dealing with a lot of issues with Medicade. Due to the issues I ended up with no medical coverage during my pregnancy. It was by God's grace that a good friend of mine recommended Allika to me. Allika was such a blessing. She was a great support for me mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Her personality and demeanor are both comforting and pleasant. She was consistent and dependable. She was a breath of fresh air. I am so grateful for her and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. 



I’m so happy I went with Your Bold Birth! Allika was my Doula and she was absolutely AMAZING! I had a birth center birth with no medical pain management and she helped support me through it all with essential oil massages, recommending certain positions and walking, encouragements and breathing technique advice through my contractions. She even helped coach my husband on how to massage my back during labor.  I had an 18 hr long labor and she was up with me through the night while everyone else took nap breaks. Even before my labor/delivery, Allika was a great support by educating me and my husband about natural childbirth. She offered sound advice and recommendations. She always returned my call/texts. I felt completely comfortable with her. She was easy to trust because of her warm spirit and expertise. During postpartum, she’s my Lactation consultant. I’m currently 4 weeks postpartum and I can still call her with any questions and concerns and she answers. She’s super inderstanding, a wealth of information and is willing to work with you and your unique situation. I am so grateful for Allika and Your Bold Birth. My prenatal, birthans postpartum experience was awesome and I have her to thank for it. 



Our experience with your bold birth was fantastic. They are caring, so capable, and affordable. Allika supported us for the birth.  My husband describes her as warm and said people should take all of their money and throw it at her feet! Seriously though, the support we received was priceless. It helped me stay focused and positive when the hospital procedures and protocols were stalling my labor and stressing me out. She helped with oils, massage, and being a peaceful affirming presence throughout the birth. Allika’s voice remained calm when staff well-intentioned staff were barking instructions and the provider was saying we may need to do a csection. Listening to her voice helped me focus on pushing my baby out and I was beyond grateful to avoid a Csection. She was totally invested in my support and success and made sure nursing was okay before she left. Hospital staff are in and out, family members only know how to do so much if anything, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have a doula who knows what to do and is there for me from beginning to end. She was a Godsend and my birth experience was so positive because of her support. Before and andafter the birth Tiffany has also been great about checking in, going over information, and making prenatal and postpartum visits to give supportive care. I highly recommend these ladies. 

Erwin Cutts


Alika is a wonderful doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was responsive, even in the middle of the night, and she was our advocate in the hospital and helped explain the procedures to us in ways that were easy to understand during such a stressful time. She was an excellent support for us and extremely valuable.


She was patient and attentive throughout my long labor. She was invaluable to both me and my husband who has said more than once "I can't imagine what it would have been like without her". Alika  normalized a scary experience for me and never let me feel alone. She was wonderful and I can recommend her without any reservation.

Ketia C


For my second pregnancy I decided to have a Doula unlike my first and I must say I had two of the best around. Allika and Tiffany with Your Bold Birth, LLC. They started with me not too long before my little prince was born with checking on me and making sure I was ready. I decide to still do a hospital birth instead of a natural water birth like I thought I originally wanted and they were still with me. They were all about my birth plan and even though most people thing you only need a Doula for a natural (no meds) birth which is a misconception it was still such a huge help to have that person who truly is about what you want. Tiffany was there for my actual birthday and man oh man she made me feel like I could go without the epidural but I think because of the hospital staff made me of like it couldn’t be a long time before my baby would come that I didn’t want to feel that pain too much longer than I alread did. Everything went so smoothly and I truly believe it was because I had my Doula right there coaching me and keeping me calm. After giving birth Allika and Tiffany still continued to walk with me has the 4th trimester can be one of the hardest with nursing a newborn. I believe I was so blessed to have chosen Allika and Tiffany to be my Doulas. If you are expecting a baby no matter if it’s a hospital planned birth or not Allika and Tiffany are literally two of the best. Reach out to them at Your Bold Birth you won’t be disappointed. Thank you ladies for making this delivery a memorable one with lots more positives then my first.

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