Feeding Assessment

If you are looking for quality lactation care Lika's Lactation & Associates is sure to be the place. A feeding assessment will ensure that the newborn/child is growing and thriving by way of pre/post weight checks and oral anatomy assessments.

Breastfeeding 101

At Lika's Lactation, and associates we know that being proactive is key, and producing breast milk is natural, but it takes time, practice, and patience to get Breastfeeding off to the right start. This class Provides clear, accurate breastfeeding information for the "soon-to-be" parents.

We cover breastfeeding expectations, strategies for success and how to avoid complications. Topics include breastfeeding techniques, various nursing positions and comfort holds, maternal diet considerations, nipple care, leaking, tips for partner feedings, and the advantages of human milk over supplementation. We answer all your questions, including the all-important one: "How do I know my baby is getting enough?" 

Prenatal Breastfeeding classes gives families the education and resources they need.  They will leave feeling well informed and confident.  Schedule your prenatal class today!

Breastfeeding Consultation

We offer one-on-one consultations for all parents seeking breastfeeding support. We use gentle, "hands-on" advice for all breastfeeding problems including:

  • latch-on difficulties

  • inadequate infant weight gain

  • sore and inverted nipples

  • severe engorgement

  • low milk supply

  • nipple confusion

  • vasospasms

  • clogged milk ducts

  • mastitis

  • and more


Consultations can also be helpful when families are working with premature babies, adopted babies, and babies with special needs. I have more clinical expertise than many others in the area. Working with a very diverse population I have experience with:

  • Pre-term babies

  • Status post NICU babies

  • Multiples

  • Mothers at high risk for lactation problems


Hospital and home visits Can be arranged.

"It takes a village" Looking for a place to meet other mom's laugh, cry and share? Allika holds two weekly lactation support groups. lika's leaking ladies which meets


Wednesday's and Tuesday's at 10:30 AM


Central Florida, FL, USA


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