Allika Alcé

IBCLCBirth & Post-Partum Doula

I started my lactation career working as a peer counselor for a local women's clinic in New York My lactation career continued once relocating to Florida. I have worked as a lactation specialist for the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County for 7 years before becoming an independent consultant.

As a Doula and Lactation specialist, I work to ensure that every family receives the quality of care they need and deserve.

Each Family's needs are unique, and the care and information are tailored in that way.

With over 20 years of personal and professional breastfeeding experience I have handled many unique situations.  In addition to my private practice, you can find me at the Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology, and at Edgewater pediatrics where I meet and consult with all their breastfeeding families. 


I live in Central Florida with my loving husband, and 5 beautiful children.  In my spare time, I enjoy bike riding, long walks, jogging, reading, and writing.  

Tiffany Tyson

CLC & Post-Partum Doula

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, and doula, I offer evidence-based information and support to breastfeeding and birthing mothers and families.  I was once a new mother who needed help with breastfeeding. Not knowing where to turn, It was the support and guidance from the lactation staff at my local Health Department that made all the difference for me. Their support inspired me to become a CLC and allowed me to work as a peer counselor for the local Women Infant and Children's clinic. Deland Florida. After living and serving in Central Florida I now live in The Carolinas with my husband and 3 beautiful children.


Central Florida, FL, USA


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